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H.I. Thomas Group is an industry leader in qualitative market research and ethnography who provides powerful consumer insights for some of the world’s most influential brands.

For over 25 years, H.I. Thomas Group has been on the forefront of the market research industry and has worked with some of the largest and most influential brands in the B2B and B2C sectors. We are made up of a group of highly experienced market research professionals and strive to use our expertise to create comprehensive qualitative market research strategies to give our clients the customer insights they need to grow their business. We use cutting-edge scientific methods to uncover useful marketing insights for our clients through the use of ethnography, consumer behavior research, biometric research, focus groups, IDIs (Individual Depth Interviews), consumer eye tracking and more.


We offer a full range of qualitative market research services such as including path to purchase studies, buyer behavior analysis, retail /
selling environment assessments, concept evaluations, new product development and more.

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Our expert qualitative market research team uses a combination of in-person, online and mobile research strategies to achieve the consumer insights you need to grow your business. Our process includes ethnography, focus groups, IDIs (in-depth interviews) and more.

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Brands We’ve Worked With

H.I. Thomas Group provides comprehensive qualitative research studies and powerful insights for some of the top brands in the B2B and B2C sectors. We work with companies across the country to provide detailed customer data to help grow their business.

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Testimonials from Leading Companies and Brands.
M. Bauer, President
Moen Incorporated
“I have known H.I. Thomas Group for over ten years. Their team have planned, organized and lead numerous consumer and trade professional qualitative market research projects for our company and its many divisions. H.I. Thomas Group are true professionals, are always well prepared and always deliver an end product provides meaningful insights that help business leaders understand consumer needs.”
D. Miller, Consumer Insights Manager
MTD Products
“I’ve worked with H.I. Thomas Group on several important qualitative market research projects and each project was an exceedingly positive experience. From upfront project design and development, through the execution phase, to analysis and reporting, their contributions were truly invaluable. Throughout each project, they were highly engaged with our team and provided constructive feedback and suggestions to ensure that all objectives were met and that results were both insightful and actionable. As a moderator, H.I. Thomas Group’s team has an exceptional rapport with respondents and makes them feel comfortable and helps them to open up to provide the best results. H.I. Thomas Group makes the discussion fun and is able to draw out deep attitudinal and behavioral insights which invariably lead to a comprehensive understanding of consumer needs, wants and motivations. They are a pleasure to work with and I strongly recommend them to anyone looking for highly competent qualitative market research professionals.”
A. Horst, Director of Brand Marketing
TTi Floor Care North America
“H.I. Thomas Group is a joy to work with. every aspect of the experience holds a reward at the end of the day. Every step in the research experience holds a reward at the end of the day. Each new market research project brings with it the anticipation of discovery – of a new consumer insight, product attribute or brand truth. You can feel the energy as their team approach the project, dissect it and formulate a plan. To watch as they execute their market research plan is like watching a finely choreographed performance. The customer insights they draw from each subject are all compelling and actionable. H.I. Thomas Group is truly masters of their craft. The results garnered from their work are only rivaled by their detailed reporting and follow up. I would highly recommend H.I. Thomas Group — not only for their exceptional results but for the incredible experience they provide to those lucky enough to collaborate with them!”
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