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Our Market Research Solutions

H.I. Thomas Group offers a full range of qualitative and ethnographic market research solutions to some of the most influential brands in the B2B and B2C sectors.

Your brand’s unique problems require a custom research approach. Our propriety qualitative market research processes are designed to provide insights to help you make critical strategic decisions by understanding your consumer on a very deep level. As experienced market research experts, we provide a 360-degree understanding of your consumers so you can forge YOUR PATH FORWARD in a completely informed manner.

  • Brand and Positioning Development
  • Concept Development
  • Consumer Journey Map and Brand Touchpoint Research
  • Creative Development
  • Design To Value (DTV) Research
  • Internal Employee Research
  • Menu Board Optimization
  • New Product Development
  • Packaging Communications
  • Retail Environment Assessment (including new store templates)
  • Segmentation (Pre and Post Qualitative)
  • Special Audiences & Sensitive Topics (e.g., handicapped; caregivers; chronic disease patients;sensitive topics; showering and bathing behavior, etc.)
  • Shopper Insights

Testimonials from Leading Companies and Brands.

H. Horst, TTi Floor Care North America
"H.I. Thomas Group is a joy to work with. Every step in the research experience holds a reward at the end of the day. Each new market research project brings with it the anticipation of discovery – of a new consumer insight, product attribute or brand truth."
M. Butts, TTi Floor Care North America
“I worked with H.I. Thomas Group on a few product development projects where we conducted extensive research to improve our next generation product. They coordinated and moderated focus group testing and in-home field observations that gave us incredible insight into user behaviors. I hope to use H.I. Thomas Group for future research collaborations!”
A. Chanakas, ICI Paints
“I have worked with H.I. Thomas Group for over 10 years. They have conducted ethnographic research studies including in-home interviews where they connect with the research participants to dive deep into what really motivates their behavior. They have also conducted numerous qualitative interviews to gain consumer insights towards new product concepts and designs. I enjoy working with H.I. Thomas Group and respect their professionalism.”

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