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Combining Methods


Combining Methods for the Full Story

One of our biggest strengths is combining methods for more powerful insights.  Working in partnership with our eye-tracking, neuroscience, and virtual aisle strategic partners, we combine high-tech research solutions with our in-depth approach to understanding behavior.  This offers a 360-degree understanding of consumer decision making.  Here are just a few examples of our past partnerships:

  • While seated in the cars of quick-serve restaurant customers as they approached the drive-thru menuboard, we were able to combine ethnographic research with mobile eye-tracking.  The results helped our Client design a new approach that more efficiently uses menuboard real estate, and increases sales of lower performing items.
  • Combining a virtual retail aisle that displayed over 100 snack options, with mobile eye-tracking, and IDIs to understand how brand, price, package design, and other variables influence choice and grab attention in the ever-evolving snack category.
  • Using mobile eye-tracking and IDIs across three mock shelf sets, to understand which of the three shelf concepts yields the most efficient search pattern, and best experience for shoppers.

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