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This is what our clients say about partnering with us for qualitative market research studies and focus group moderation.

M. Bauer, President
Moen Incorporated
“I have known H.I. Thomas Group for over ten years. Their team has planned, organized and lead numerous consumer and trade professional qualitative market research projects for our company and its many divisions. H.I. Thomas Group are true professionals, always well prepared, and always deliver an end product that provides meaningful insights that help business leaders understand consumer needs.”
D. Miller, Consumer Insights Manager
MTD Products
“I’ve worked with H.I. Thomas Group on several important qualitative market research projects and each project was an exceedingly positive experience. From upfront project design and development, through the execution phase, to analysis and reporting, their contributions were truly invaluable. Throughout each project, they were highly engaged with our team and provided constructive feedback and suggestions to ensure that all objectives were met and that results were both insightful and actionable. As a moderator, Helen has an exceptional rapport with respondents and makes them feel comfortable and helps them to open up to provide the best results. She makes the discussion fun and is able to draw out deep attitudinal and behavioral insights which invariably lead to a comprehensive understanding of consumer needs, wants and motivations. They are a pleasure to work with and I strongly recommend them to anyone looking for highly competent qualitative market research professionals.”

A. Horst, Director of Brand Marketing
TTi Floor Care North America

“H.I. Thomas Group is a joy to work with. Every step in the research experience holds a reward at the end of the day. Each new market research project brings with it the anticipation of discovery – of a new consumer insight, product attribute or brand truth. You can feel the energy as their team approaches each project, dissects it and formulates a plan. To watch as they execute their market research plan is like watching a finely choreographed performance. The customer insights they draw from each subject are all compelling and actionable. H.I. Thomas Group is truly masters of their craft. The results garnered from their work are only rivaled by their detailed reporting and follow up. I would highly recommend H.I. Thomas Group — not only for their exceptional results but for the incredible experience they provide to those lucky enough to collaborate with them!”
C. Gilbert, Principal Designer
Moen Incorporated
“I have worked with H.I. Thomas Group for over 10 years. They have conducted ethnographic research studies including in-home interviews where they connect with the research participants to dive deep into what really motivates their behavior. They have also conducted numerous qualitative interviews to gain consumer insights towards new product concepts and designs. They easily connect with the participants, can quickly grasp new product concepts and are great at conveying those concepts in simple terms that participants can understand. I enjoy working with H.I. Thomas Group and respect their professionalism.”
C. Valdiserri, Co-Founder/CEO
Informed Decisions Group
“I had the pleasure of working with H.I. Thomas Group as a qualitative market research partner during my time at a large consumer products brand. I was impressed beyond words with their truly scientific approach and understanding of the qualitative market research process. When most qualitative market researchers and focus group moderators lead a discussion based on bullet points and provide bland summaries as results, the team at H.I. Thomas Group quickly proved that they were part of a dying breed of true qualitative scientists! As a result, we now partner with H.I. Thomas Group on the most challenging market research projects focusing on shopper marketing. Our partnership has exponentially added to the level of insights we can deliver to our clients. Without a doubt, H.I. Thomas Group is one of the top qualitative market research groups who understand how to do a deep dive into consumer behavior, extract insights that other research groups may miss and tie them to behavioral theories to add clear recommendations that produce results. I couldn't recommend any qualitative market research group as confidently as I can recommend H.I. Thomas Group.”

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